The technical committees responsible for ACI committee reports and standards strive to avoid ambiguities, omissions, and errors in these. Aci 08 Pdf Download. Foo. INTRODUCTION /R-1 ACI Building Code and Commentary PREFACE The code portion of. Section of ACI lists important informational items that must be included on design drawings, details, or specifications, including anchorage length.

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These prints will be respectively referred to herein as the group 315–08 and group 2 photographs. To compare the use of the detecting device with and without a collimator to determine the best method for measuring thyroid activity. As mentioned in a previous section, the bulk density of the diato- maceous earth was determined to be 0.

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After being cleaned with distilled water and lens tissue, as were the original slides, a large 31-508 of particles in the range of 0. If the one inconsistent data point the deposition on the green chop at Stake 39 is eliminated, this ratio becomes 1. It is evident from Figures 21 and 22 that the larger particles and conglomerations of particles were predominantly deposited on the front row and that the particles -were both fewer and smaller on the back row. Growing Sudan grass Ideally the radioactive material released should wci been composed of fresh mixed fission products of the same character as those released following Palanquin.

The results from successful studies such as these could be used in the design of a more accurate model for estimating potential dose to humans from radioiodine released to the environment. In future studies aco plan to in- vestigate these matters further.

Advanced Technology & Industrial Co., Ltd.

Since a dry aerosol was desired, the materials consid- ered were clay, ball-milled sand and diatomaceous earth DE. An extra 5 kg of uncontaminated hay was fed to each cow in the evening. Background is at a higher level here because the area is covered with the throw-out from the Sedan Event, and variable because the loose surface dust is stirred up when one walks in this area.


The calves were housed in separate pens.

Summary and Conclusions Particle size distributions for a diatomaceous earth aerosol deposited on glass slides were determined and are presented in graph form. Cost of tender form is only acceptable by money order or cash remittance to this office. All calves re- mained in good health as indicated by physical examina- tions and body temeratures taken at each day of count. In addition to the milk, supplemental amounts of hay and grain were pro- vided.

The contaminated spread and fresh green chop fed to cows led to similar 1 31I secretion in milk as indicated by the milk to grass activity ratios of 0. If diato- maceous earth is used again as a vehicle for radionuclide sspraying the area from which the sample is to be collected with a very fine mist of water will probably prevent dislodging par- ticles from the stems and leaves, especially when sampling just after the release of the aerosol.

Engel Holstein dairy cows from the Animal Husbandry Unit were divided into five groups of four each. They were placed to divide the 30 cm depth of the stack into three equal portions.

Any applicable errata 3150-8 included with individual documents at the time of purchase. Equipment The analytical equipment consisted of a TMC channel pulse height analyzer coupled with a 3″ Nal crystal.

To measure in vivo the uptake of 31I in calves thyroids as a function of time. A least squares fit indicates an Effective half-life for hay of 5. Since the particle range in question consisted of no more than. The consistent data obtained for aaci other five calves tend to eliminate measurement error from consideration as a significant contributory factor to this observation.


I Dairy Cow Uptake Studies Using a Synthetic Dry Aerosol

The measurements with and -without collimator indicated that either method was suitable for determining thyroid activity. After having passed through the particulate sampler, the sampled air is then filtered through a cartridge of activated 3315-08 centered in a shielded sodium iodide scintillator. Suggestions for improvement would be to collect water samples directly from the lateral instead of ai surface of the reservoir. This range was greater than that in the spread hay fed to Group II.

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The physical and chemical nature of the radioiodines from such different sources might be inherently different with concomitant differences in biological availability to dairy cows. Samples were taken at three different times: In evaluating these re- sults it was pointed out that the characteristics of the radioiodine contaminants at the two different stations were apparently quite different. No activity above background was observed with the survey instruments after the aerosol release.

Chemical analysis of hay used for Project Hayseed. The cows did not metabolize the 1 31I in spread and fresh contaminated green chop in the same manner or to the same extent as that in spread hay as indicated by differences of the milk to grass ratios. The tagging tests indicated that there was negligible loss of 1 3 11 when the slurried DE was air-dried and resieved.

Soil Sampling No activity due to 1 31I was found on the soil sample collected by Team 5.