Aneros started in America and quickly gathered a cult following as men learnt how to find, stimulate and love their prostate gland using the ergonomic. Buyer’s Guide. Starting with the Aneros MGX, we created the market for Prostate Stimulators. Over the years we have built up our product family and are proud to. As goldenboy noted the Aneros WIKI is the primer for Aneros users. You can think of it as a ‘guide’ book of sorts. It was written by veteran.

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So I’ve been doing anal play for quite some years. More importantly, it frees the user to focus solely on the sensations instead of making a conscious effort to manually manipulate the massager. While not strictly necessary particularly if you are regular and know when you are empty nonetheless it may reduce the anxiety of those who strongly associate a mess factor with anal play.

You are cautioned to use care and be exceedingly gentle with any internal cleaning regime to insure the delicate membranes of the rectum are not injured and the natural flora in this part of your digestive track is not disrupted do to the introduction anneros toxic chemicals or pathogens. If at all possible one should avoid inducing peristalsis rhythmic bowel contraction. More volume is needed for adequate lubrication, material tends to dry out more readily with exposure to air, requiring reapplication, glycerin may have a purgative effect with some individuals inducing peristalsis and cramping and with other individuals a burning sensation.

If you are feeling good and enjoying the ride, stay with it as long as you wish. One of its main physical properties is that it is water repellent silicone sprays are used for water proofing camping equipment for example.

Have fun experimenting with them to discover what you like best. The truth is that the main difference between all of the glycerin containing formulations most water-based products resides in their packaging. I have no idea if I should do contraptions or not. All of these milestones may not apply to everyone.


SunusukuWelcome to the Aneros Forums, your best source of information for learning about the multiple benefits and aneeros of using the Aneros prostate massagers. Our recommendation is the Helix Syn. It’s like someone puts me in a car and expects me to park the car blindfolded.


In part because there are subtle differences in how we are all wired; position and degree of sensitivity of the perineal acupressure point and the prostate are both factors that can have influence on how much of what works when.

It was really nice during masturbation because of the vibrations, but I never really experienced anything beyond that. So guise some fine-tuning with it. Skip the silicone- and petroleum-based lubes for your Aneros experience. Here are a few solutions that have worked for others:. The outer is under voluntary control. You want a specific formula, but experience has shown that users are far better off when they explore on their own with the techniques suggested rather than with any kind of rigid formula.

Some small individual replies: The main thing I focused on was the bully breathing, and it was quite meditative focusing on the breathing! Zneros on your back, prevent the handle of the Aneros from guuide the bed which might impede its motion.

An often quoted saying is “Your brain is your largest sex organ” and all your other sensory organs send their signals to the brain for interpretation and reactive instructions. Terms of Use – Disclaimer – Copyright – Privacy:: During this session, it is possible to adjust the location of the Aneros by slightly increasing or decreasing your contraction strength.

Look at your Aneros toy. It’s anerow simple, here’s the step by step guide: The same position can be gulde while lying on the left side. Lie down on your right side for some reason people seem to prefer right over left and pull your left knee up towards your waist. Most times it is only effectively resolved by laying off for a while. I tried doing both, which worked way better, and I also straight set up some porn videos, that guice worked way better.

Login or Sign Up Log in with. The same can be said for the Aneros experience too as using stimulation that is responsive to echoes sensation can often increase the magnitude of P-waves.


Beginner looking for help and the “real user guide” – Aneros Community

Try holding your breath slightly and bearing down only hold for 10 seconds or so, anoxia is not the goalOR bear down rectal contraction with a slight anal contraction while executing some short panting quick inhalation and exhalation but with very little air exchanged so you are neither hyperventilating or becoming anoxic, while doing this expand your lower abdomen as if filling with air. Take it very slowly. Join the coolest readers on earth: If however, you are experiencing discomfort or becoming frustrated consider instead discontinuing the session and revisiting it on another day with fresh body and spirit.

Another clue is that all Aneros models have a gentle curve. No doubt, it is the destination that motivates us, but the path that gets you there is just as important and must be treasured as well.

See the cleaning your rectum section above for more detailed information. I’m always counteracting it.

Before the advent of antibiotics prostate massage was the first line form of treatment. The bulb type devices on the other hand offer greater convenience easy to prepare and clean. It’s probably nothing I need to worry about, anyway.

Thank you again, Rumel. While they do not “dry out” per se, they are absorbed, requiring more frequent application than a silicone lube. Generally any image that gets you really aroused and is not distracting. Abnormally high levels of PSA may indicate health concerns such as inflammation or cancer. The majority of these products all contain glycerin as their primary constituent.

They are short plugs that are designed to stimulate the prostate glandwhich is the organ that both stores semen and then pushes it out when ejaculation occurs. This is an advantage over other prostate massagers. This toy is thick, and the handle, instead of being a curve, is a ball.