Winner of Mexico’s Premio Novela Mexico, Spain’s Romulo Gallegos Prize for best Spanish-language novel, and France’s Priz de Meilleur. James Polk reviews book Palinuro of Mexico by Fernando del Paso; drawing (M). A Case of Literary Infection: Palinuro de Mexico and Ulysses. ROBIN FIDDIAN. Palinuro de Mexico is Fernando del Paso’s second novel. Born in. Mexico City in .

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And many thanks to the Loch Ness monster’s neighbor for bringing a terrific book to my attention yet again.

And also on her shoulders, those shoulders like blue dunes, caressed by scorching Levantine winds, and from which grew, like scattered vegetation from desert sand, paliuro golden hairs tasting of apricot.

I stole the above from Nathan’s review who pinched it from Cervantes who purloined such from Pierre Menard, that sneaky bastard. And yet, it had me hooked. We have not read the original Spanish, but we also praise Elisabeth Plaister for a translation that reads extremely well. V Mexifo que tengo un problema semejante al que tuve con Rayuela.

Somewhere in the review section for this book I read something along the lines of “Del Paso is the greatest writer alive because he can elongate the phrase mwxico is such a badass, he knows everything there is to know about medicine and besides he’s fucking his cousin’ for pages”.

Reading Palinuro of Mexico makes for a rather demanding relationship.


This book is like ppalinuro house of mirrors. Of a broken self splintering into a thousand mirrored and mirroring shards. The meaningless death of Palinuro, in the struggle for a dream that was not to mecico, and deprecated by those around him, is a very gory and therefore appropiate image for the death of youth dreams.

I told her it was either Renaissance or 18th Century literature and had nil to do with Boom. Littering the novel with references — literary, medical, political, philosophical, historical — paliburo Paso is almost entirely successful with this marvelously ambitious effort.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Ostensibly, this is about a lovedrunk incestuous romance between sex-mad cousins.

Thus, Maria Anna was simultaneously his aunt and grandmother and Margaret of Austria, Maria Anna’s mother, was both his grandmother and great-grandmother. Este libro es un viaje de placer infinito.


So del Paso gives us the history of medicine, encyclopaedia style. The book is filled to the brim with such comic extravagances, but it’s so dense with language and so thin in story that many readers won’t stay with it long enough mxico find most of its enjoyable material.

Five stars for Don Prospero’s obsession. He shows me ontology, colours, associations, angles, symphonies, and arrangements which are crazy-original. In any event Del Pasos certainly feeds off this Carlos travesty with aplomb: Open Preview See a Problem?

Muchas veces hicimos el amor contra natura, a favor de natura, ignorando a natura. Carlos II was thus: But, for each of those moments, the Del Paso voiced angel on my shoulder made me fall in love with it all over again. This is the post-modern epic ee know and love: But for now, a needy Warholic is looking for my time. OK, I can see it.



The chapter on Molkas, Palinuro’s obsessive friend, is a classic of pathetic comedy. The sheer energy, love of life and words. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

With the uncountable allusions to art, literature, science, history, philosophy and what not, it was all I could do to not paoinuro myself in a Wikipedian labyrinth. Let it into your bloodstream and when it hits your head, you will know. Oct 02, Nathan “N. Feb 22, Guille rated it it was amazing Shelves: Palinurus von Mexiko – Deutschland. In writing a novel about the education–medical, literary and experiential–of the eponymous Mexico City wag he dubs Palinuro, Del Paso has deployed vast amounts of often-fascinating material about disease and health, literature, Mexican history and contemporary Western culture in the Americas and abroad.