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As a business leader with a 10 year radio career overlapping 20 years in business consulting, writing, new media, and branding, Lisa Caprelli is known as a source of inspiration and helping others to take action on change and innovation.

Caprelli is also sought after on various entrepreneurial speaking subjects. She strategically is able to bring out the best in CEO’s and brands to help push content and message branding. Known for teaching business leaders to be innovative, she has helped businesses grow, including Fortune 500 companies. Her media career has included The Business Experience Show, The Free Money Hour, and other programs on stations like 97.1 FM, KFWB, KNX 1070, KFMB, and KABC, as well as real estate finance and motivational books.

Caprelli is past board member of Orange County Executive Advisory Board

Today she combines traditional and digital media to enhance public relations, marketing, advertising and brand messaging through an outside-the-box approach. She collaborates with like-minded CEO’s, business owners, and entrepreneurs to achieve the success they desire. Speaking Events with Lisa Caprelli.

Caprelli is advisor for the non-profit Kasem Cares.


Orange County author Lisa Caprelli credits her struggles to overcome life’s challenges with sparking her success as a creative entrepreneur, a comeback kid, an accomplished artist, a mother, a runner, and an author all rolled into one. She practically paraphrases Forest Gump with “No, life is really like a box of crayons,” in her #1 Best Selling book: Color Your Message.

Non-profit: Kasem Cares 2016 Innovation and Technology Panel

Entrepreneur and Author Speaks About Achieving Business Success – Read Press Release

Below – Producing a commercial for a client’s high end video production that was put together in only a week.

The Business Experience Show launched in 2011 with producer Brian Gaps. Here interviewing Dean Stephen Christensen from Concordia University.

Lisa motivates others to take action on their own opportunities both personally and professionally. “People often ask “What makes someone change to a new way of doing things?” My quick reply is ‘struggle.’ It is through struggle that you have the opportunity to quickly make a decision, to say woe is me, or to take action, move, and never look back. I have had no time for looking back. I will push you to go, go, go!”

Lisa Caprelli was raised with little means in a poor Hispanic family in the border town of El Paso, Texas. Raised by her mother and grandmother amidst modest surroundings, as a young girl she did not realize how little they had in terms of material goods.

When she entered the workforce, she quickly rose to top level marketing positions alongside chief executives. She often dreamed of living in a land of unlimited opportunities for success, a dream realized when she came by herself to the Golden State with just $100 in her pocket at age 29.

After arriving in Orange County, Caprelli worked hard and quickly showed a talent for business. For just over a year, she worked hard at other jobs and saved everything she had in pursuit of owning her own business. Blessed with determination, drive and enthusiastic personality, she adapted quickly and helped influential business people willing to help her establish herself. As she worked, she realized that she was helping others grow their businesses, but not necessarily building her own foundation and blueprint for success. Her first entrepreneurial business was a mortgage and real estate company which ranked among the top five in Orange County for volume by 2005.

Along the way, her business strategically poured over a million dollars into radio, magazine, and newsletter marketing campaigns, carefully crafting messages to garner profitable results. She developed a knack for gauging what advertising messages and branding would work best. The company flourished. Caprelli spread the word by hosting a one hour show broadcast on AM/FM radio stations with radio and television personality Kerri Kasem. (Today, Kerri and Lisa work on multiple business projects including helping to build Kasem Cares Foundation.)

Business began to change directions and Lisa severed that business relationship in 2009. The recession and a business partnership gone wrong meant it was time for change. Faced with major life challenges, she knew she had to adapt.

Lisa co-produced “The Solomon Free Money Hour” with radio host Kerri Kasem

Business began to change directions and Lisa severed that business relationship in 2009. The recession and a business partnership gone wrong meant it was time for change. Faced with major life challenges, she knew she had to adapt.

She reignited a passion for business by pairing her business growth skills with a strong understanding of the advantages and opportunities to grow one’s business. The decision to research, coach CEO’s, understand technology and digital services to businesses, as well as speaking, training and writing on the subject, proved to be right for the times.

Caprelli is founder of Go Glossy Public Relations, Media & Marketing, a successful boutique firm in Orange County which provides consulting, business development, branding, writing, blogging, content development, publicity, radio hosting, video marketing, and writing services for the past five years. Rather than focusing on a particular industry, she brings her talent and creativity to clients in diverse fields such as author, automotive, legal, university, non-profit, medical, retail, restaurant, petroleum, and real estate.

An expert on today’s dynamic digital marketing scene, Caprelli speaks with authority on harnessing the power of the latest trends and opportunities. She offers insights gained from helping a broad range of businesses grow. Drawing on her years of experience in spending large sums on traditional media marketing campaigns, she shares why faster, cheaper and longer-lasting digital marketing yields better results.


March 2016 – Speaker with Producer Brian Gaps at Tube Be or Not Tube Be at Center Club of Orange County with Orange County Executive Business Advisory Board

December 2015 – Caprelli is Producer of the HyperCar Development commercials with Kerri Kasem, Riki Rachtman and David O’Donnel. Director: Jimmy Collins.

Speaker: November 2015 – UCI University of California Irvine – “The Power of Yes’s in Business – Don’t Accept No.”

On set filming at L.A. mansion for HyperCar Development production.

Moderator: November, 2015: PRSA Diversity – OC Chapter.

Keeping Your PR, PC.

Speaker: October 2015 – PRSA Public Relations Society of America National Conference, Atlanta, Georgia. “The Internet is Video Centric: Is Your Marketing?

July 2015: Caprelli spoke recently at the Institute of Management Consultants in Orange County about the need for creative businesspersons to adapt to changing situations to advance their careers. She told how life’s most difficult struggles help individuals grow and become stronger.

She was a featured speaker about adapting your messages to draw more customers at the 2015 Public Relations Society of America’s Western District Conference in Los Angeles.

Caprelli’s recently published new book, Color Your Message: The Art of Digital Marketing & Social Media, hit the #1 best sellers list on Amazon in February 2015.

Comparing various types of digital media to different color crayons, Caprelli’s book encourages business-people of all ages to use a rainbow of colors to obtain beautiful – and profitable — marketing results. Readers have commented that looking at digital media in this fresh, new way opens a wide range of marketing possibilities. “Color Your Message” enables readers, particularly those who are not fully comfortable with using digital media, to become more confident about using these new tools to achieve greater business success by reaching an ever-growing portion of the marketplace.

With her son, Trey – Lisa spearheads her efforts to complete her last 3 classes and get her bachelor’s degree in 2014. She graduated summa cum laude.

Also a self-taught artist, Caprelli is internally driven and emotionally charged. Her original abstract art and mixed media paintings are as diverse as her many perspectives: girlish, demonstrative, provocative, complex, colorful, mysterious, bold, and inspiring. Abstract art paintings, contemporary mixed media collage art, spiritual paintings, and her intricate and obsessive square paintings are just some of the styles found in her portfolio of works. Her artwork is featured on ArtDeColores.com.

While Caprelli has been creating creativity in various forms throughout her life, it was not until 2009 that she started creating her art pieces.

Caprelli’s success in business, marketing, writing and painting has resulted from a combination of hard work and perseverance. “Nothing has ever been handed to me. I grew up very poor with nothing but huge mountains to climb.”


Kasem Cares Innovation & Technology Speaker Panel Moderator – April 2016

UC Irvine – November 2016

Teen Entrepreneur Academy – 2014 Speaker

The Marine Corp – Toys for Tots Celebration – Caprelli hosted the event – December 2013 via OC Good Life

Emcee for the Prosperity Center, an organization that helps local business owners with funding and tools.

August 2013 – Attended the 20 Year company reunion for Keith & Miller Certified Court Reporters, Texas.

2008 – Tourism Press Trip to Jordan and Egypt with thanks to Jordan Tourism Board and Alo Cultural Foundation

Kasem Cares Foundation Event – February 22, 2014

Teaching a workshop in Mission Viejo at Quintessential Financial to CEO’s, entrepreneurs, local business men and women. May 2013

December 2015 – The Code Crackers Youth Group Talk – Michigan USA

2013 – 100 volunteers on the 3-5p shift — at Stop Hunger Now

2007 OC CEO Metrofold

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