Your Logo is Important to Your Brand – What a Logo Should Be and What it Should Not Be!

By Zara Safdar, Graphic Designer

A logo is basically a mark, or a mark and a name in text. Anything else, like “describe my product more” is secondary information.

The best way to explain it:  your  logo is something so concise that it can brand your business on the side of a pen.

I have seen people want their “logo” in theory as simple as the Nike swish mark. And I have seen people want to make their logo a walking banner – DO NOT DO IT!

Taglines like “customer service is what we deliver,” and other “words”  are just that: Taglines.   A long wordy phrase would not fit on the side of a pen.  Again, think of Nike, it’s a simple logo with a ‘mark.;Your logo WITH A TAGLINE, however, could be included in large formats for printed banners and flyers as it is an integral part of your branding strategy.

Here’s a link to an infographic explaining the anatomy of a logo:

logo for business orange county ca