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In order to conform your website page(s) to current SEO best practices, we recommend adding high-quality, original content to it. Similar to a home page, this parent page should serve to provide an overview of your practice, and should also discuss the basic business concepts involved in the case types you handle. We recommend adding 500 words of original, substantive text to this page for user experience and SEO reasons.

Go Glossy offers à la carte website and blog content writing services, and we are available to assist you in producing text for this page if you are interested. Each practice area page we write for our website clients consists of a minimum of 400 to 500 words of high-quality, original, and legally substantive content. Website pages are drafted and edited by licensed attorneys, and the content targets your preferred practice areas and locations. Note that while we generally do not make further revisions to draft content once it has been sent for your review, you are free to make any desired changes in redline/tracked changes and return the document(s) to us by email. Each page is $200, and content is available for purchase on either a one-time or recurring monthly basis.

We encourage you to improve the quality of your Practice Areas parent page, by either writing a page of content, or if desired purchasing writing services from from us. If you are interested in a content purchase for your Practice Areas parent page, please let us know. In any case, we recommend adding at least 400 to 500 words of original, substantive text to your website / parent page(s).