Branding and Lead Generation Through Writing

Something technology cannot do is create a well thought out message for you or your brand!  This is where writing comes in. When I put on my writing hat, I become an observer.  I take into consideration what your potential customer wants to read on your website, your LinkedIn profile, social media messages, brochures, videos, mission statement, vision statement and all the elements that go into your brand.

There is plenty of writing to go around for all the digital needs of today’s businesses. Although writers jobs have changed in the past 5 years alone, there is so much education needed in order for a business to change the way you market your business.

“I spent millions of dollars on radio advertising. If I had a time machine to use today’s digital marketing tools and ways of reaching customers with social media, I would not have spent the millions on radio alone. I would take advantage of today’s marketing.” – Lisa Caprelli

Surprisingly there are many websites that were written by someone in house who was not a writing professional.

In order to conform your website page(s) to current SEO best practices, I recommend adding high-quality, original content to it. Similar to a home page, your parent page should serve to provide an overview of your practice, and should also discuss the basic business concepts involved in the types of products or services you handle. I recommend adding 500 words of original, substantive text to your website page for user experience and SEO reasons.

Creating simple articles for  your website or a blog with at least 4 posts a month will help you get found on Google.

Don’t neglect a proper and well thought out message.  This can make a huge difference to your customers finding you on Google and top searches.

Lisa is author of Color Your Message and she currently has anthology books on entrepreneurship and leadership in the works. If you are a speaker, leader or CEO, she would love to hear from you!