Jun 14, Veiled Desire by Alisha Rai February 2, Contemporary Romance Novella, E-Book Samhain. Mason and Leyla are neighbors that have. Veiled, Book 2 Beneath Dr. Maira Khan’s reserved exterior, her heart beats triple- time for only one man: Sasha Karimi. For two years she’s waited patiently for. Sep 7, Book cover for Veiled Desire by Alisha Rai. A light-skinned woman with dark Leyla Karimi can’t help herself. If her smoking-hot neighbor’s.

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Another strong and sexy romance novel from Rai.

She’s hard working, comes veilsd a conservative family, and puts on this collected personality because of her job.

So anyways, the book. Falling for Him was fairly short.

Review: Veiled Desire by Alisha Rai

When Maira’s attempt to confess fails to get the response that she was looking for, it starts a whole chain of events for the pair to finally get together. What I liked about this book was that the conflicts in the way of the HEA felt believable.

She wants the strong sexy Sasha — BAD. Her muscles clenched, seduvtion at the touch, even through the layer of cotton. Alisha Rai saved my life.

As with her other books, the protagonists felt so real and honest and like people you could easily befriend. It only got worse when Mason decided to rent the house behind Leyla’s when she decided to move out on her own The Listen Linda Edition. There was some lack of communication, but not the stupid I-can’t-believe-you-won’t-just-SAY-it kind–instead, the awkward kind you have at the veoled of a relationship.


Meira was awesome – super smart, capable, mature, totally kick ass. Though if you’re not actually playing for money, that’s fine with most people, I believe. After meeting with his sister and her husband, and getting some sense knocked into him, he realizes Maira was sincere in her affections. One, which I think is more a personal reading preference so it might not bother others, is the difference in experience between the two.

Reviews: Veiled Desire and Veiled Seduction by Alisha Rai

Definitely a good quick read, I’m interested in reading more of Alisha Rai’s work! This didn’t bother me as insanely as I thought it would’ve since his past experiences are never thrown in the reader’s face or brought up in any way, just two or so mentions of how he’s not promiscuous.

Apr 11, Liz B rated it really liked it Shelves: I was actually going to DNF at that point–I stopped to read another book–but I went ahead and finished it since I was so close to the end. Plus, I liked that Mason hadn’t been with anyone since he’d formed an attraction to Leyla a couple of months ago.

Sasha is stunned, and with so many women throwing themselves at him because he is a hero, he thinks Maira is just following suit. I’m going to read more of her books in the future when I actually have money. Lists with This Book.

I loved both Leyla and Mason. The first encounter between Sasha and Maira’s mom.

Reviews: Veiled Desire and Veiled Seduction by Alisha Rai

To ask other readers questions about Veiled Desireplease sign up. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Maira retreats, mortified and ashamed. For two years she’s waited patiently for the handsome police lieutenant to wake up and see her as more than a buddy. Only after his brother-in-law sets the rather clueless Sasha straight does Sasha realize what a mistake he made in rebuffing the gorgeous Dr.


B- The following two tabs change content below. Mason s been doing a little lusting okay a “lot” for quite some time.

Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Unfortunately the press interest and interest from the general public make him very uncomfortable. Contains a brilliant heroine who knows how alishx take matters into her own hands, a sexy hero who knows how to win his woman, an awesome full-body massage, a tender romance and sizzling bedroom and kitchen shenanigans.

Mason, although clearly stated to not be a manwhore, does have more experience.

Review: Veiled Desire by Alisha Rai | The Book Pushers | Book Reviews | Book Chatter

But one scene in particular kind of bothered me. These two have known each other for so alieha, and they are both attracted to each other, the next step is a relationship. The sexual scenes between Mason and Leyla were sensuous, lush, and very warm.

Maira Khan’s reserved exterior, her heart beats triple-time for only one man: Let the Lover Be by Sheree L. Veiled Desire is an erotic novella that has great dialogue, warm characters, and romance that will leave you turning the fan on high.

Let’s also not forget she’s four years older than him!!!! Mason and Leyla are neighbors that have known each other since childhood. That was the problem.