Deploy to the users using SCCM, active directory or whatever your company uses. Answered 04/12/ by: olditguy. Second Degree Blue. Application Packaging Using AdminStudio The next training opportunity is June Register yout training seat today. Get trained with Application Packaging trainer. Installation of Installshield and Adminstudio How to deploy application via common deployment methods.

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Application Packaging & Software Deployment Tools

That was a quick and simple example of the power of Repackager. Generally speaking, at this point the package is complete.

The main thing to remember when excluding things is to just pay attention to what you are doing. AdminStudio Virtualization does exactly that. Again, you cannot just blanket exclude changes in 20113 directories, but they are a good place to start.

Keeping Applications at the Ready

Repackager does have some limitations. You can adjust shortcuts after install, but that is it. Repackager then runs from the clean machine, while the suite is installed on a different machine.

Starting an application virtualization project? By default, the file is located in the C: If a package needs additional tweaking, including modifying icons, then read on and adjust the package as necessary.


If Windows Update runs a sync it will be picked up.

Application Deployment: Using AdminStudio Repackager

What is it and what is Flexera doing with it? Also, check to make sure that the appropriate shortcuts are pointed to the appropriate file via the ‘Component’ property.

When you click Finish, the wizard goes away. After the analysis is complete, you get this screen:. More information and pricing for the entire AdminStudio suite can found here: Twitter Tweets by WinMgmtExperts. I am packagihg going to open Firefox and set a bookmark. I have applicwtion it to repackage applications much more complicated, as well as capture settings such as the bookmark.

Ising After capture, the repackaging wizard comes up. To be sure that the users can start this application and that the shortcut is self-repairing, you must make sure that the ‘Advertised’ property is set to ‘Yes’. Click here to read our privacy policy.

Shortcuts that are used to start a program should be self-repairing shortcuts.

Use of our site signifies acceptance of our privacy policy. Make any changes necessary to the configuration options in the application. Repackaging is a last-resort option. After the analysis is complete, you get this screen: I further recommend that you do not install virus protection and that you disable Windows Update and Windows Firewall.


I also recommend that this be a virtual machine that can easily be snapshotted back to a clean state. After doing a few these, you will get the hang of what can be excluded. Select Product Properties and chose the appropriate application type. Put AdminStudio Java Dependencies in your corner. No Comments 0 0. Exclude any INI files that do not need to be part of the package.

It can be found here: This is a shared directory that gets mounted inside your VM. It comes with Repackager, Tuner, and InstallShield, as well as a host of other products. Check out the specs behind AdminStudio. Usiny is where you are trying to figure out what changes when you change an application setting, or anything post-install.