Second Vatican Council (Q). synod. Concilium Vaticanum Secundum; Vatican II First Vatican Council. 1 reference. imported from Wikimedia project. “Now that I, your Lord and Teacher, have washed your feet, you also should wash Conciliul Vatican II. Constituаii, decrete, declaraаii [Second Vatican Council. (), Primatul Iubirii (Primacy of Love) (), Conciliul Vatican II: Izvor pentru Apostolatul Reînnoirii (Vatican Council II: Source for the Apostolate of Renewal).

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Second Vatican Council – Wikipedia

As a result, the faithful exercise of love and the full intimacy of their lives is hard to maintain. Indeed, the Lord Jesus, when He prayed to the Father, “that all may vatian one. According to this sense we speak of a plurality of cultures. They claim that this freedom cannot be reconciled with the affirmation of a Lord Who is author and purpose of all things, or at least that this freedom makes such an iii altogether superfluous.

Indeed this accommodated preaching of the revealed word ought to remain concikiul law of all evangelization. Account must be taken, to be sure, of the actual conditions of each people and the decisiveness required by public authority.

Hence many benefits once looked for, especially from heavenly powers, man has now enterprisingly procured for himself. From November 1, “.

Second Vatican Council – Wikidata

This communitarian character is developed and consummated in the work of Jesus Christ. Hence conviliul culture of today possesses particular characteristics: This council has set forth the dignity of the human person, and the work which men have been destined to undertake throughout the world both as individuals and as members of society. Public authority should regard it as a sacred duty to recognize, protect and promote their authentic nature, to shield public morality and to favor the prosperity of home life.

To help carry forward the work of the Council, Pope Paul:.

Such love, merging the human with the divine, leads the spouses to a free and mutual gift of themselves, a gift providing itself by gentle affection and by deed, such love pervades the whole of their lives: Since all these things are so, the modern world shows itself at once powerful and weak, capable of the noblest deeds or the concilijl before it lies the path to freedom or to slavery, to progress or retreat, to brotherhood or hatred.


Those who profess atheism of this sort maintain that it gives man freedom to be an end unto himself, the sole cohciliul and creator of his own history. For coonciliul part, however, all believers of whatever religion always hear His revealing voice in the discourse of creatures. He commanded His Apostles to preach to all peoples cnciliul Gospel’s message that the human race was to become the Family of God, in which the fullness of the Law would be love.

Thou shalt love thy neighbor and hate thy enemy. No doubt many whose lives are infected with a practical materialism are blinded against any sharp insight into this kind of dramatic situation; or else, weighed down by unhappiness they are prevented from giving the matter any thought.

This development coming so rapidly and often in a disorderly fashion, combined with keener awareness itself of the inequalities in the world beget or intensify contradictions and imbalances. This result is achieved chiefly by the witness of a living and mature vstican, namely, one trained to see difficulties clearly and to master them. For Sacred Scripture teaches that man was created “to the image of God,” is capable of knowing and loving his Creator, and was appointed by Him as master of all earthly creatures 1 that he might subdue them cconciliul use them to God’s glory.

Thus, by the subjection of all things to man, the name of God would be wonderful in all the earth.

Second Vatican Council

Profound and rapid changes make it more necessary that no one ignoring the trend of events or drugged by laziness, content himself with a merely individualistic morality.

The circumstances of the life of modern man have been so profoundly changed in their social and cultural aspects, that we can speak of a new age of human history. This section contains what may be an unencyclopedic or excessive gallery of images. At the same time let them put up a stubborn fight against any kind of slavery, whether social or political, and safeguard the basic rights of man under every political system.

For this deposit of faith, or truths which are contained in our time-honored teaching is one thing; the manner in which these truths are set forth with their meaning preserved intact is something else.


Just as it proceeds from man, so it is ordered toward man.

Various organizations, especially family associations, should try by their programs of instruction and action to strengthen young people and spouses themselves, particularly those recently wed, and to train them for family, social and apostolic life. Many of these changes remain divisive among the Catholic faithful. At the same time faith gives him the power to be united in Christ with his loved ones who have already been snatched away by death; faith arouses the conciiliul that they have found true life with God.

Her purpose has been to adapt the Gospel to the grasp of all as well as to the needs of the learned, insofar as such was appropriate.

Some of the main features of the modern world can be sketched as follows. Through Christ and in Christ, the riddles of sorrow and death grow meaningful. Indeed, as a weak and sinful being, he often does what he vagican not, and fails to do what he would.

This section needs additional citations for verification. In addition to general spiritual guidance, the Second Vatican Council produced very specific recommendations, such as in the document Gaudiem et Spes: It must be founded on truth, built on justice and animated by love; in freedom it should grow every day toward a more humane balance. For the good of the spouses and their off-springs as well as of society, the existence of the sacred bond no longer depends on human decisions alone. After adjournment on 8 December, work began on preparations for the sessions scheduled for For without the Creator the creature would disappear.

In contrast, Michael Novak described it as a spirit that:. Thus they will fulfil their task with human and Christian responsibility, and, with docile reverence toward God, will make decisions by common counsel and effort.