The CV90 Armadillo heavy armored personnel carrier was developed by BAE Systems. This armored vehicle was revealed in It is based on the proven. CV infantry fighting vehicle of the CV90 armoured combat vehicle family In July , BAE Systems unveiled a new variant of CV90, called Armadillo. The BAE CV90 Armadillo IFV Family brings extremely high levels of protection and flexibility in payload and battlefield utility to a new range of vehicles using.

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With every generation of CV90 there has been an increase in payload and corresponding protection levels. Armoured armaidllo carriers of Sweden Armoured fighting vehicles of the cb90 War period Tracked infantry fighting vehicles Military vehicles — The CV 90 was designed to produce a very low and very compact structure to minimize radar and IR-signatures.

Country of origin Sweden Entered service? The basic chassis can be readily converted to ambulance, control vehicle or other turreted versions.

Archived from the original on The track suspension system has seen upgrades in several stages.

The BAE CV90 Armadillo IFV Family –

Archived wrmadillo the original on September 28, Unveiled inthe Armadillo was delivered and trialled in Denmark during The Armadillo is fitted with remotely-controlled weapon station. The areas that have undergone most development compared to Mk II are lethality, fightability, electronic architecture, survivability and mobility.

In the standard APC role, armdillo is fitted with a 7. Later a version of the Armadillo was revealed, fitted with a superstructure, which provides additional room for commander and troops, as well as additional space for equipment.


The CV’s basic armour provides armadiklo protection against However, with increasingly more powerful diesel engines, the power-to-weight ratio has remained approximately the same. It is intended to protect from urban warfare attacks, such as Molotov cocktails.

The remotely-controlled weapon station can accommodate heavier weapons up to 35 mm caliber.

The operation left an unknown number of Taliban casualties, but Norwegian news sources say as many as 45 armzdillo 65 Taliban fighters may have been killed, and many more wounded. Various customer requirements have led to several variants of the CV90, where major differences are in survivability and electronic architecture. A StrfC in Swedish service.

CV90 Armadillo Heavy Armored Personnel Carrier |

The CV90 also uses heat-absorbing filters to provide temporary protection against thermal imaging TISimage intensifier and infrared camera IR. The CV90 can be also fitted with cage armourwhich provides protection against tandem-charge and shaped charge warheads.

The attack left 13 Taliban fighters dead and an unknown number wounded. The hybrid-electric combines a standard diesel engine with a battery pack to provide extra power to propel the vehicle or provide additional electricity. The CV90 also carries six mm grenade launchers, which are arranged in two clusters of three launchers; the clusters are positioned on each side of the turret.

The BAE CV90 Armadillo IFV Family

Both contracts were armdaillo in competition with other IFVs. Archived from the original on 14 June This armored personnel carrier is well protected.

The difference between the two variants is mainly the size of the hull. It features an improved suspension system and armaxillo rubber tracks. A hybrid-electric drive could cut fuel consumption by 10 to 30 percent. It can be armed with 7.


The vast majority of the turrets delivered are fitted with 30mm or 35mm guns. Swedish CV90s have seen combat with insurgents on dozens of occasions.

Having been heavily outnumbered by the Taliban forces, the Norwegians used mortars and, in particular, CV90s, to suppress the attack. Higher protection has led to higher kerb weight; the vehicle’s combat weight has risen from 23 to 35 tonnes.

Five prototypes were constructed but, before delivery inthe version was discontinued. Trials on mobility, reliability, lethality, fightability, ergonomics, durability and survivability were performed during the trials phase for these vehicles with good results for CV90 Mk I. Retrieved 10 October Retrieved 25 January Production of the CV 90 began inand as of over 1, vehicles had been ordered.

The Armadillo is powered by a new Scania hp diesel engine. Retrieved 19 December Troops enter or leave the vehicle via the rear ramp. Vehicle is well protected against landmines and IED blasts. The CV90 Armadillo is far better protected than other armored personnel carriers. Retrieved 2 June The vehicle Commander is stationed in the middle of the hull left side in the main vehicle compartment, which then extends to the hull rear.

Prototype was revealed in Retrieved 9 October