Experiencing God has ratings and reviews. “Experiencing God” by Henry Blackaby and Claude King (and now also Richard Blackaby) seems to be . Experiencing God: Knowing and Doing the Will of God, Revised and Expanded ( ) by Henry T. Blackaby, Richard Blackaby, Claude King. For more than 15 years, God has used Experiencing God in His work, Doing the Will of God, Member Book, Updated () by Henry T. Blackaby, .

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The author and I have many things in common except I do not have gdo Church religion background. According to the Bibledoes experiencing God’s work in our lives depend on receiving personalized assignments from Him? These people are so single mindedly focused on dedicating their lives to seeing how God wants to work through them – they seem to be more happy about how God used that to increase the faith of those who were praying, then they were about their daughter being healed.

Being a Christian is no easy walk.

Experiencing God: Knowing and Doing the Will of God, Workbook

Feb 01, Kymberly rated it it was amazing. Obedience is the turning point for me. Experiencing God Day by Day: So while I thought it was solid on its principles, the tone of the book and the examples it gave slightly diminished its value in my eyes. It takes commitment to get the true benefit, but is well worth the effort.

A failure to receive such assignments is a failure in one’s love relationship with God It is important to know precisely what Jesus has in mind when He uses these terms.

All in all, my feelings about the book are mixed. I see no evidence that the Bible teaches anything like what some have called a “conversational relationship” with God. Even Jesus did not expect it was enough merely to claim to speak for God.


He is the great “I AM” v. Of course, Blackaby provides a tremendous amount of scriptural support for his position, so that was also very helpful. Especially in explaining how we hear from God via the Holy Spirit. The examples at the beginning of each chapter show how the “formula” which he denies is a formula he teaches, brings about a good work of God. So be patient and wait” Fulfilling worldly desires that brings enlightenment, which can be achieved in a life time.

That is a disturbing and sad thought.

Jan 09, Maya rated it really liked it. Not a terrible book, but I would read carefully if you’re a more “regular Christian” instead of one raised in the church by pastors who became a pastor and whose children and grandchildren are pastors. It is very intense and hard hnery. What about in the passage in question? There is so much to it, and I believe that this is one of those books that you can read expreiencing reread again and again and find unique information relevant to your life and various times.

This is the critical fourth step in the bblackaby Realities of Experiencing God. Perhaps, it’s just the workbook form that I dislike.

Trivia About Experiencing God I will hold Mr. One is a prophecy. First, it suffers from appearing to be a bit prideful.

Henry Blackaby’s Experiencing God—A Critique | Stand to Reason

If God wants to use you in a way that you do not particularly feel qualified for, pray about it. Blackaby claims, “Knowing God’s voice comes from an intimate love relationship with God”and again, “As you walk in an intimate love relationship with God, you will come to recognize His voice.

He is a free man, a son, not a slave v. Gina Levert Yes, we just finished the book. Peter is ordered by an angel to follow him out of prison Blackaby places a tremendous burden on the believer who questions his spirituality and even his salvation if divine messages are not forthcoming.


It was started by a verse of Scripture: The best part about it?

Five stars, times 2. This makes the entire book built on a faulty interpretation of an important passage that is about the trinitarian nature of God and not about how the Christia This book is filled with both good and bad theology.

Blackaby can find no support for his doctrine of hearing the voice of God in the place where all essential disciplines of Christian living must appear: The book discusses different ways that God can speak to his people and how each of us can experience Him as couples, in our children’s lives, in the church, marketplace, and His kingdom.

Peter gives explicit instruction about the use of spiritual gifts in ministry 1 Peter 4: There are dozens of verses about pursuing fxperiencing and sound doctrine, but none supporting hearing the voice of God in that sense. A giant oak tree that lasts for generations requires much more time to grow strong. Which is a whole other rant I won’t get into. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads experienving.

Or did Jesus mean rather that they were doing his deeds see v. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Quotes from Experiencing God But Jesus never suggests such a thing. Search for verification in the writings of any disciple.