We have 6 Fresenius Medical Care K manuals available for free PDF download: Troubleshooting Manual, Operator’s Manual, Technical Manual. View and Download Fresenius Medical Care K operator’s manual online. K Hemodialysis Machine Operator’s Manual. K pdf manual download. FRESENIUS K OPERATORS MANUAL KHOXJMBJNW | PDF | 45 Pages | KB | 06 Apr FRESENIUS K OPERATORS MANUAL.

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To shift the window downward, press the Down arrow key. The heparin pump is to be used only under positive pressure conditions.

With some RO systems, the water inlet line may be disinfected along with the RO and distribution piping by 2008k the dialysis machine in Rinse mode during RO disinfection. Your request is being freseniua Balance Chamber Volume Calibration How long can the fresenius t stay in chemical dwell for storage. Blood Pressure Screen Settings Page After all of the constituents are correctly entered and the name of the concentrate has been chosen, touch the Enter Conc screen button to verify that the concentrate was entered into the list.

Fresenius Medical Care 2008K Manuals

Mmanual Custom Uf Profiles If alarm is not cleared, take the machine out of service and alert a qualified technician. K Minor Blood Leak? The UF treatment parameters are also saved during a power failure.


Treat patient as beats per minute. These instructions are for the Fresenius K Hemodialysis machine. Using A Central Venous Catheter Assembly, installation, adjustment, or repair is to be performed only by persons authorized by the facility medical director or by Fresenius USA.

The range of the display is different depending on the location of the chamber. Daily Preparation For Treatment These tests are not used in the Mean Kecn value. Start key a second time and the pump segment will be released from the pump head.

New Fresenius k semi & annual pm manual – Topic

Page To proceed with the selected operation, close the shunt door. Fill Program—Occurs when water level in the air separation chamber gets too low.

Index An index to aid the operator in referencing information is included Requirements Operators of the K Hemodialysis machine must be trained to administer hemodialysis at the direction of a physician.

Check conductivity and approximate pH with an independent device and connect dialysate lines to dialyzer in counter-current flow. I think odog is right.


Section 28 — Heat Exchanger Leaking Externally Infections or pyrogen reactions may also result from contamination of the extracorporeal circuit or inadequate procedures used to reuse dialyzers.


If necessary, replace the drain line. Line from venous drip chamber is connected to a transducer protector port 20088k and attached here to provide venous blood pressure readings.

Pre-uf Pump Filter Ultrafiltration UF —Ultrafiltration is the process of drawing off excess fluid from mznual patient during treatment. New Treatment Key The Fresenius K Dialysate Delivery Machine was designed and built to comply with these product specifications. It is not a complete summary, and additional warning statements specific to pertinent topics can be found within this manual.

Page 94 The result will be more accurate if both tests are done at the same blood flow rate. Adjust the SVS-Time if necessary. Post Temperature Sensor Calibration The book begins with an overview that introduces the operator to the major components and describes mznual they are organized on the machine. Air machine cannot be reset. UF Removed is set to 0. When prompted, connect red connector to chemical disinfectant.

Fail Long Pulse” Or “wd: Visually confirm that disinfectant has been pulled into the machine.