characteristic features of Hekhalot and Merkavah mysticism present primarily in several .. Hekhalot Zutarti relates Rabbi Akiva’s ascent to the upper heavens. ); Hekhalot Rabbati (paras. , , , , ); Sar Torah (paras. ); Hekhalot Zutarti (roughly paras. , ); Magic . Hekhalot Zutarti or ‘Lesser Hekhalot’ is one of the fragmentary mystical documents of the various texts comprising the Hekhalot literature and indeed has long.

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This power functions as a form of healing, since it sometimes serves as a cure for a scholar who forgets the Torah he is taught. Online book for libraries eBooks for libraries Libraries can purchase an annual subscription packages of books set in advance. They were, to paraphrase Hultkrantz, social functionaries who, with the help of guardian spirits, attained ecstasy in order to create a rapport with the supernatural world on behalf of the members of their group.

This connection reinforces the other indications of real praxis. God of the attendants, And His name is declared holy over the attendants.

Jerusalem Studies in Jewish Thought – By Rachel Elior

The apotheosis of Enoch in this passage is clearly a literary event, not necessarily meant to describe the experience or potential experience of a descender to the chariot. Nor is Hekhalot esotericism merely magic: Zytarti of hosts, And His rulership is over the hosts. Like the magician, the shaman uses spirit intermediaries and seeks not mystical union, but esoteric knowledge and power.


This tendency, in great mystics, gradually captures the whole field of consciousness; it dominates their life and, in the zutxrti called ‘mystic union,’ attains its end. However, lurid descriptions of the various levels of the underworld are given in the cosmological tractate Seder Rabba de Bereshit the Greater Order of Creationwhich appears in some of the manuscripts of the Hekhalot literature see n.

In Hekhalot Zutarti it is said: Thanks for your comment. He befriended a female spirit who answered some of his questions and tested him further.

They shall ascend upon him and anyone who sees him says that he shall not be saved from this. For details press here. This author sees them as most probably representing various mystical traditions from different circles of Yordi Merkava, copied in a haphazard manner with no attempt to attain textual unity. Views Read Edit View history. Mohr [Siebeck] The Hekhalot literature developed, at least indirectly, from traditions that are also found in Second Temple apocalyptic literature, Greco-Roman religion and magic, and gnostic literature, so it is reasonable to hope that it may illuminate the earlier texts.

Jerusalem Studies in Jewish Thought

The Hebrew University Magnes Press. After his intiatory transformation he was returned to earth. To send an inquiry on packages and prices hekhaloy here. This text combines a Hekhalot vision with physiognomic and astrological speculation.

Only Metatron in 3 Enoch was friendly and did not need to be controlled through magic. This collection of songs concludes, “R. Eliade summarizes the cosmology of shamanism in terms that are nearly universally cross-culturally valid: The voice of the sixth: The entire song is about four times the length of this excerpt and hekhslot lines unintelligible to the translator and his informants.


Thus the techniques of the descenders to the chariot as described in the Hekhalot literature conform well to the techniques used by shamans as established by anthropologists. And let him insert this midrash of the prince of Torah into the prayer three times in every single day; it is after the prayer that he should pray it from its beginning to its end.

Antiquitopia: Daily Hekhalot: Hekhalot Zutarti ┬ža

I don’t know why the gimel would derive from a vav, however The documents have strong connections with earlier apocalyptic and gnostic literature and claim to describe the self-induced spiritual experiences of the “descenders to the chariot” that hekhalt these men to view Ezekiel’s chariot vision the Merkavah for themselves, as well as to gain control of angels and a perfect mastery of Torah through theurgy. Whether this community was an esoteric group or the exoteric totality of the Jewish people or even the human race has not yet been resolved.

The angels and seals for each gate are listed. Academic Press, Some of the Hekhalot texts are: