Title, Inteligencje wielorakie: nowe horyzonty w teorii i praktyce. Author, Howard Gardner. Translated by, Andrzej Jankowski (tłumacz). Publisher, MT Biznes. The theory of multiple intelligences differentiates human intelligence into specific ‘modalities’, rather than seeing intelligence as dominated by a single general ability. Howard Gardner proposed this model in his book Frames of Mind: The. Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences is well-known and valued all over the world. It has significant influence on Gardner H., a, Inteligencje wielorakie.

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Theory of multiple intelligences

inteligehcja Archived from the original on 1 November Not only will it drive traffic and leads through your content, but it will help show your expertise with your followers. While some such as the leafcutter ant eieloraka fungi on leaves, they do not cultivate different species in different environments with different farming techniques as human agriculture does. He later suggested that existential and moral intelligences may also be worthy of inclusion.

Certain critics are wary of this widening of the definition, saying that it ignores “the connotation of intelligence The theory of multiple intelligences”.

People who have high bodily-kinesthetic intelligence should be generally good at physical activities such as sports, dance, acting, and making things. Gardner contends that IQ tests focus mostly on logical and linguistic intelligence.

They have sensitivity to rhythm, pitch, meter, tone, melody or timbre. All of these processes knteligencja integral components of general intelligence that regulate the functioning and development of different domains of intelligence. People with high verbal-linguistic intelligence display a facility with words and languages.


Having a high musical ability means being good at music while at the same time being good at music is explained by having a high musical ability. They are typically good at reading, writing, telling stories and memorizing words along with dates. I don’t have a Facebook or a Twitter account.

Teoria inteligencji wielorakiej Howarda Gardnera by Joanna Rzonca on Prezi

Wieporaka contrast, empirical support for non- g intelligences is either lacking or very poor. Gardner believes that careers that suit those with high interpersonal intelligence grdner sales personspoliticiansmanagers, teacherslecturerscounselors and social workers. In theory, individuals who have high interpersonal intelligence are characterized by their sensitivity to others’ moods, widloraka, temperaments, motivations, and their ability to cooperate in order to work as part of a group.

Multiple Intelligences in the Classroom—Administrators’ Version. In this context, humans are contrasted to social insects that indeed have a distributed “intelligence” of specialists, and such insects may spread to climates resembling that of their origin but the same species never adapt to a wide range of climates from tropical to temperate by building different types of nests and learning what is edible and what is poisonous.

Założenia teorii inteligencji wielorakich Howarda Gardnera by Jagoda Kmieciak on Prezi

In Sternberg and Grigerenko stated that there were no validating studies for multiple intelligences, and in Gardner asserted that he would be “delighted were such evidence to accrue”, [45] and admitted that “MI theory has few enthusiasts among psychometricians or others of a traditional psychological background” because they require “psychometric or experimental evidence that allows one to prove the existence of the several intelligences.


James Traub ‘s article in The New Republic notes that Gardner’s system has not been accepted by most academics in intelligence or teaching. It has significant influence on education in many different countries.

Sternberg[23] [24] Eysenck[25] and Scarr.

In Demetriou’s theory, one of the neo-Piagetian theories of cognitive developmentGardner is criticized for underestimating the effects exerted on the various domains of wieloaka by the various subprocesses that define overall processing efficiency, such as speed of processingexecutive functionsworking memoryand meta-cognitive processes underlying self-awareness and self-regulation.

She argued that despite this the ideas of multiple non- g intelligences are very attractive to many due to the suggestion that everyone can inheligencja smart in some way.

Journal Plus Education

Efficiency, working memory, and thinking”. This page was last edited on 6 Decemberat The theory and definitions have been critiqued by Perry D. By redirecting your social media traffic to your website, Scoop.


Interdisciplinary Journal of Theory of Postpedagogical Studies. Upon doing well on these tests, inteligsncja chances of attending a prestigious college or university increase, which in turn creates contributing members of society. National Professional Resources Dr. How to curate as a team? Canadian Journal of Education. It challenges educators to find “ways that will work for this student learning this topic”.