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Resolution of the Government of Kyrgyzstan No. Code of Equal opportunities Decree Law No.

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Adoption leave benefits Scope All insured employed women. The woman has the right to be transferred to another function, when her health conditions demand it, having the right to return to her old function once she begins working again.

1170 leave may be asked by the mother after completion of her compulsory maternity leave for a period up to six months, by the father from the date of the birth of the child up to a period of six months, the sum of the parental leave of the mother and the father cannot exceed 10 months, even when done simultaneously.

Working in underground mining jobs. The public sector and military personnel are covered by specific systems. All insured employed women are entitled to maternity benefit regardless of their social insurance contribution period.

Nursing breaks are considered as effective working periods, the salary remains the same level. In the event of miscarriage, female workers are entitled to a 2 week leave according to medical certification.


The leave may be received, and also partially fractionated prior to entry into Italy of the child. When confinement occurs before the expected date the maternity leave entitlement is retained for the full period.


To be eligible, self-employed and voluntarily covered women must have at least 10 months of insurable employment. This benefit ends when the working relationship lie. The same discipline applies in case of adopted children. Dismissal of female employees is prohibited from the date the pregnancy is confirmed to five months after delivery.

Circolare numero 69 del The Social insurance system is financed by state and by employers’ and employees’ contributions. The additional 60 days which companies may provide are paid by the employer, who can deduct the costs from its taxes. Unified Text of legislative texts on protection and support to maternity and paternity, according to the discipline of the Section 15 of Law No. Entitled on the basis of voluntary coverage are: When the applicant provides evidence in fact, derived also from statistical data related to hiring, occupational distribution, the allocation of functions, transfers, career progression and redundancies, suitable to found, in a precise and consistent manner, the presumption of existence leu acts, agreements or discriminatory behavior on the basis of sex, lies on the defendant the burden of proof of discrimination on dismissal.

Craft workers daily paid benefit, with reference to events for which the indemnification period begins in amounted to Euro In the case of adoptive parents and foster-care parents in order to be entitled with this right, the age of the child kei been increased up to 12 years. When confinement occurs before the expected date the maternity leave entitlement is retained for the full period. It is forbidden assigning female workers to transport and lifting of weight, dangerous work, exhausting and unhealthy work.


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Further details on this benefit are provided in the fields below. The adoptive mother is entitled to adopting benefits even if the biological mother benefited maternity leave. Work on ladders and scaffolding mobile and fixed heavy 1170 labor jobs. In the case of subordinate workers: These rests may be taken cumulatively with regular parental leave or leave for sickness of a child. The woman is entitled to post-natal cash benefit, even in cases where: The remuneration will be the same remuneration received by the worker before the transfer.

The allowance is paid directly by the employer who is reimbursed by the Social Security Institute. Qualifying conditions All insured employed women including domestic workers are entitled to adoption benefit regardless of their Social insurance contribution period.

Cash benefits sickness, maternity and tuberculosis. The maternity allowance is paid directly by the employer who is reimbursed by the Social Security Institute.