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Many people are not working with paper they can see through, even my pattern paper is too much to see those tiny lines through.

Is it a v neck, Sleeves nearly to the arm bend Semi-bell loose sleeve? This amount is subject to change until you make payment. Luttreloh purchased it two weeks ago. If it doesn’t I take the tack out and move that paper a bit. It isn’t a big deal if I run out of space I just add some paper with some clear tape. Everyone has their own preference for ease it seems. Put the tape measure over the high part of your back where it is widest. If you only change the depth of a collar it will still fit nicely in the neck of the pattern.


How do I use it or tweak my regular tape rule so as to use it properly? I do not like tight clothes. I learned to do it in school so thing it is a normal way to use a pattern riler several size people.

Angie, Have you tried contacting the Lutterloh distributor in your area? I cut the vest out at chest and for hip, but I have not sewn it yet. The curve above I did by hand, no tools, just move from dot to dot with a swirl of the pencil. Anonymous June 22, at Not tell me exactly where the problems are?


Karin, I think this is a jewel for developing vintage patterns, but I don’t like the system.

One to tape under the pattern cross and one in case I loose the first. Have you looked at the instruction video on the Lutterloh site here: One more idea It is so helpful to get photos. Home Sewing Made Easy Slacks. LastLeap, Before you go any further on the pants issue, materials costing money and such, e-mail me and I’ll give you some extra ideas.

Litterloh is this done? TangerineBoutiqueMay 30, I add all the markings for the pattern, this is the gathered shoulder And the neck, button band facing is marked and I can just trace a pattern off of this. I leave the tack and tape in the pattern while I draw the outline.

If it’s too small in the hips we adjust for that or too small in the bust we do a large bust adjustment. Some are very old. I also wonder if you made your test vest? Bust measurement for everything above waist, etc. I have a VHS made by Bruce many long years ago. I am still learning and I rank myself an intermediate sewists. If you are wanting to “Update” and old 60’s pattern for todays comfort you will need to drop the underarm and widen the sleeve, change any collars to reflect the size of todays’ style.

Hope you find what you need.

Lutterloh pattern system

Will have to check that! Next if you don’t like tight clothes. Anonymous January 15, at 7: I highly recommend the classes from NZ Lutterloh. MidgeSep 5, The newer one on the left has little arrows pointing to the numbers so no worries with this one.


Is there a way to match any of the dots of one piece that would correspond to the other side? The Jackie “O” of fashion gowns There’s 2 patterns on each page.

This way when I tape each piece to the pattern paper I can leave it taped there in case there is a question of accuracy later. Sometimes, when the material you are pinning into is not sturdy enough, the pin can lean over when you pull the tape taut to mark your dots.

Circa VintageSep 5, It’s that high hips issue again. For the marks above the waist I use my bust measurement So the tape measure and special ruler have arrived – plus a paper copy of the thingy that’s supposed to help you draw curves it’s not mentioned in my book, but it’s part of the system nowadays – according to a photo copy enclosed by the seller, they used to provide a drawing of this that you had to enlarge and cut yourself – so at least I don’t have to do that!

I go to my first number 32 and I line up my tape with the line next to the number. I suggest a good sewing book for everyone to reference to. You can easily see the front from the back.

You would need to know what lutteroh the pattern was in and buy that book on e-bay etc. As you can see one dot doesn’t ruleer out. Pierce in Ohio December 26, at 6: